The name of the company tells you what kind of work attitude we have. Sohaus is mainly precision. At work we appreciate the order and the systematic. To implement the website we work as if we would build a new house – solid basis, modern technology, website optimization, but we don’t forget about that your clients want to spend more time on your website.
Here we have the examples of co-working with us – step by step. Example, because every project is individually treated and we customize every step to your needs. On every step you can count on our professional support.

STEP 1: Clients analysis

STEP 2: Preparing a project

STEP 3: Buying or configuration of domain for your website

STEP 4: Hosting of chosen domain and its activation

STEP 5: Websites creation based on CMS WordPress and its configuration with external systems if needed.

STEP 6: Giving the data and access to website administration (CMS) in WordPress

STEP 7: Maintenance, upgrades, hosting or all can be given to your hands.